"Where Them Girls At?": 2017 AMA Nominations

I'm convinced that 2017 hates women.

Okay, so I realize that this statement is a bit problematic, but the nominations for the 2017 American Music Awards were officially announced last week and something doesn't seem right. While it's no secret that popular music has been sort of a "boys club" lately, this year's noms have made that even more clear. Absolutely zero females were nominated this year for at least five major categories, including Artist of the Year, Favorite Album, Video of the Year, Favorite Duo/Group - Pop/Rock, and Tour of the Year.

Sure, there are some dudes out there killing it in 2017. I get it. However, there are several women in the industry who are totally holding their own this year and that absolutely deserves recognition. While pop superstars like Taylor Swift and Beyoncé have been M.I.A. for most of 2017 (until Miss Swift left the world SHOOK with that music video), other huge names in music have been holding down the fort for the pop girls and doing a pretty damn good job at it.

Lady Gaga

While you may not think of 2017 as "Gaga's year," she's definitely had a pretty impressive one. Right off the heels of the release of her #1 album "Joanne," Gaga kicked off the year by performing the Super Bowl LI halftime show. THE SUPER BOWL. That's kind of a HUGE deal. Not to mention the fact that her showstopping performance was the most watched in the history of the Super Bowl. That alone deserves recognition. Add in the fact that she recently wrapped filming for the remake of "A Star is Born," her headlining spot for Coachella 2017, and the massive success of her Joanne World Tour (which kicks off its U.S. leg next month), and I'd say 2017 has been a pretty good year for the megastar. While she is nominated for Favorite Female Artist in the Pop/Rock category, it just doesn't seem like enough to truly honor the year Gaga has had.


You've probably noticed that Kesha was missing from your radio for a while, and you don't have to be a die-hard fan to know what she's been going through both publicly and privately for the last four years. All of that pain and struggle was poured into her comeback album, and the result was a beautiful piece of work that exudes grace, forgiveness and peace. "Rainbow" sees Kesha truly coming into her own and representing herself as the artist she wants to be. The album debuted at #1, and its supporting tour is SOLD OUT.  I don't wanna jump the gun and call this the biggest pop comeback in recent history, but THIS IS THE BIGGEST POP COMEBACK IN RECENT HISTORY. Give this girl the recognition she deserves!

Nicki Minaj

While the Queen of Rap didn't release an album in 2017, she's been practically inescapable. She's released three singles of her own this year, including THE diss track that had the entire Twitterverse talking. She's also been featured on countless hits this year, each adding up to the breaking of Aretha Franklin's record for Most Billboard Hot 100 chart entries. While it's a little more understandable that Miss Minaj is missing from the major categories, considering the lack of solo material, it's hard to believe that she's missing from the nominations entirely. In fact, there are no females at all nominated in the Hip Hop/Rap categories. Tragic, truly.

Fifth Harmony

Confession: Fifth Harmony is not the same without Camila Cabello and their third studio album suffered from the loss. The album as a whole feels like they were rushing to put out new music as a foursome to prove that they could still be a success without their former leading lady. Sadly, it didn't live up to expectations. That being said, the girl group's self-titled LP did have a couple bops, and their newest single "He Like That" is steadily gaining radio play. After one of the most talked about moments at the VMAs, and taking home their second VMA moonman, 2017 has been a pretty big year for the girls. Certainly not Album of the Year material, but at least a Pop Duo/Group nomination would do.