Kesha Shines on Rainbow Tour

 Photo courtesy of Zachary Henry

Photo courtesy of Zachary Henry

"I was dreaming about this day four years ago in a rehab facility when I wrote a song called 'Rainbow.'...You made my album #1, and you sold out this tour. It makes me wanna cry, but I'm gonna sing anyway."

Last night, Kesha Rose Sebert officially kicked off the Rainbow Tour in Birmingham, Alabama. Overcome with emotion, the vocal powerhouse put on a show that no one in attendance will ever forget.

Kicking off the night with none other than album standout "Woman," Kesha emerged onto the stage to thunderous applause.  She looked absolutely stunning, dressed in an all pink pantsuit, blazer covered in rainbow patches and galactic symbols, and hair tied in messy braids. 

The set continued with "Boogie Feet" and "Learn to Let Go," both crowd favorites that had the entire venue dancing and singing along.

Before delivering an unforgettable performance of "Hymn," Kesha took a moment to thank everyone for supporting her music and her tour. She preached a message of living your own life the way you want to live, regardless of what others may say. A crowd of glitter-soaked twenty-somethings united as one in that moment.

"This song is about letting those motherf***ers talk," she roared before a stomping performance of her Eagles of Death Metal collaboration "Let 'Em Talk."

Fanning herself, she asked the crowd if it was okay to "take some clothes off" before diving into her classics with an exciting performance of "Take It Off." She removed her coat and unbuttoned the top of her blouse, admitting that she sometimes forgets the lyrics to the Animal hit. 

She lead into smash hit "We R Who We R" with a politically-charged speech about love and acceptance, pledging to fight for equality until the end of her life. The crowd roared as she championed the dreamers, the outsiders, and the LGBT community.

After a costume change and a somewhat awkward interlude, Kesha took the stage again in a white lace dress to perform a beautiful rendition of album closer "Spaceship." 

"Hunt You Down" was next, featuring a country-fied snippet of her 2013 hit with Pitbull, "Timber." 

In an adorably sweet moment, she brought out her mother to help her sing a song that she wrote, "Godzilla." Pebe Sebert took the microphone to thank everyone who has continued to support her daughter, fighting back tears.

"It's really a family affair here tonight," Kesha said, peering out into the crowd. "My brother's here somewhere filming, so you better go f***ing crazy."

Strapping on a guitar, she led into classic "Your Love is My Drug," noting that she wrote the song in 15 minutes on a plane and later finished it with her mom, who could still be seen watching from the side of the stage.

One of the most unforgettable performances of the night was Cannibal single "Blow." Forgetting at least 20% of the lyrics and substituting them for "blah blah blahs," Kesha looked completely unfazed and seemed to be having the time of her life. We certainly didn't mind.

Dawning a glittering cape, Kesha signaled that the show was beginning to wind down. Clearly filled with emotion, she powered through an unforgettable performance of lead single "Praying," hitting every note effortlessly.

Kesha and her band then left the stage, and the crowd erupted in cheers. Chants echoed back and forth from "KESHA! KESHA! KESHA!" to "F*** Dr. Luke."

The superstar took the stage again to perform the album/tour's title track, dressed in a stoned nude bodysuit, under denim cutoffs and a grey tank top with a giant neon rainbow. 

Then, to no surprise, she delivered a high-energy performance of her #1 hit "Tik Tok" signaling the end of the show. However; she still had one more song to perform.

"This may seem like a weird way to close the show, but this song is really important to me," she said. "It's about not letting the bulls*** get to you. When you leave here tonight, I want you to leave with that sentiment. I hope you remember this, because it took me a long time to learn it."

She then gave every piece of her soul to the final performance of album opener "Bastards;" the entire crowd screaming every word along with her. As confetti fell from the sky and the crowd sang along to every "nah nah hey," she was moved to tears.

In that moment, she was free. She was happy. The weight of every obstacle that has been in her path for these last four years was suddenly lifted from her chest, and everyone in the room could see the peace and joy that filled her in that moment. 

"This is one of those memories that you take all the way to your grave. I'll never forget this night," she said through the tears. "Thank you."

Kesha's truest fans know exactly what last night meant to her, and to be able to witness the beauty of it all was truly breathtaking. From start to finish, the Rainbow Tour was nothing short of spectacular. You may expect the-artist-formerly-known-as-Ke$ha to need a huge production with gimmicks, insane choreography and everything else a pop star could want to put on a good show, but Kesha just needed two things to make an unforgettable night: her voice and her heart. And she certainly delivered both with all she had to give.